Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

I love the Alamo Drafthouse :)

The Alamo--for non-Austinites--is an alternative theater that serves food and beer restaurant-style. They do all sorts of special events, like running "Goonies" in a cave, getting celebs like Bruce Campbell and the Homestar Runner guy to introduce their films and shorts, serving tomato soup, baked potatoes and steak, and blueberry pie with "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"--with all the staff wearing Oompa Loompah wigs.

So, I get this in my "Alamo Update" e-mail, referencing the Michael Jackson Sing-Along:

"Before the show we’ll have a moonwalking MJ dance contest on the stage and the winner will get an actual 10-year-old boy!"

Oh, yes, a quality act all the way :)
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