Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic


Okay, I'm editing a long list of book titles from a new series, and I come across "Erin Meets Tiffy." Probably a little story about a boy and a girl meeting each other. They probably draw a picture together.

After I stopped sniggering about "tiffy," I went on, to find a title called "Apples for Tiffy." Fair enough. They probably count them, or comment on how some are yellow and some are read. We've got some epic literature here.

Then, I found "Erin Rides Tiffy." This gave me a mild heart attack.

Twenty lines later, I've found "Meg's Tiny Red Teddy," and "Max and Puffing Billy," so I have to assume we're going for an older audience than I'd previously imagined...
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