Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Dinner was inconvenient last night...

"Excuse me, Waiter--"
"Could you tell me about the number 45?"
"Inconvenient chicken! Very good!"
"Yes, it sounds delicious! I love shitake mushrooms. Why is it inconvenient?"
"Very good ginger sauce, garlic. You'll love it!"
"What's inconvenient about it?"
"Served in hot pot!"
"Sounds great! What's inconvenient about it?"
"Delicious bits of chicken, bite-sized, very tastey!"
"I've gathered that! I'm looking forward to it, but why is it inconvenient?!?"
"We leave the bones in! Bite-sized chicken, each bite has a bone! Guaranteed! We even add bones to the pieces that don't have them!"
"Well, that doesn't sound TOO inconvenient. I'll just pretend it's a finger food."
"Served with ginger and garlic sauce! Very sticky! And in a hot pot, so it's two hundred seventy degrees! You'll burn your hand!"
"My goodness, that IS inconvenient."
"Even the mushrooms have bones!"
"And I'm going to be eating this with chopsticks?"
"Yes! Terribly inconvenient food! We'll even send a large dog to steal pieces from you, and he will choke on chicken bones! You get to perform 'kiss of life' on great dane! No extra charge!"
"Do I at least get a fortune cookie?"
"Of course. It's written in Manderin Chinese!"

The "Garlic and Ginger Chicken in Hot Pot" is very, very inconvenient food. Delicious, but...dreadfully difficult.
Tags: humor
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