Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

There's Austin, and everywhere else.

I keep forgetting--Austin's a wonderful, blessedly strange city in the middle of Texas, and Round Rock and surrounding--anything really out of range of the powerful weirdness generator that is the University of Texas Tower--is conservative texas.

We--that is, my old friends John and Amanda, and Whines--went out to eat at Owen's, a typical chain restaurant. I was chattering happily, and was enjoying the company, and like I usually am when I'm comfortable, I was being close with Whines--nothing indecent or even vaguely inappropriate, I think I had my hand on his knee or something--and the waiter's *staring* at me. Really, really staring. For like, two minutes, briefly broken by him getting another co-worker to *stare* at me. Our table's near the main waiter station, and I'm facing them, so I even make eye-contact, nod briefly, and they're *still* staring.

Creeped me out. I mean, he's just a teenage yap of a pimply boy, but that's not a good way to treat any customer.
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