Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Bitch, bitch, gripe, howl--

*Grumble* Rough evening. Went out shopping with Butterfly. At Lamar near the DPS station, where there's an abandoned convenience store a little south of "The Corner Shoppe," there's an EMS station where apparently the ambulance drivers have been complaining that they can't pull out. Now, this station is right next to the block and a stop light. Where do we stop at an intersection? That's right, at the edge of the street, where the white line is. Or, behind the car that's stopped in front of us. Then, we tend to keep our eyes on the lights. We do NOT pay attention to small white signs on the side of the road that say, effectively, "stop 20 feet ago."

Then, we get a $150 ticket for "failing to obey road signs." We are most decidedly not amused.

Get to destination, get two phone calls in a row from my mother, who got threatened by a police woman and an angry bitch who thinks mom scraped her new paint job (even though the scrape mark was 4" higher than mom's bumper.) She's shaken, and being empathetic toward my mom, I pick up on a lot of her grief.

Then, get a phone call from my sister, who tells me that we HAVE to transfer the title on my car so that she can put insurance on it (she's borrowing my car, and we never actually worked out who "owns" it, legally.) And then we HAVE to figure out what we're doing for my Grandfather's 80th birthday. I'd rather avoid it entirely, it's on the same weekend as me and Whines's first anniversary, and I don't much like my grandparents. Some history there. Having just gotten a ticket and eaten a lot of stress from Mom, I start snapping, a lot. "Where would you like to stay?" "Home." Very mature, Spotty, but after all that crap, my candy coating had worn off.

Bleah. I'm a bit better now.
Addendum: An hour after I posted this, I got food poisoning. Just to add to the effect.
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