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Ground control to Major Tom...

I'm getting ready to go to work, and turned the shower on. The plumbing makes weird sounds at Chukar--moans, high-pitched whines, the occasional "amorous moose" sound.

It did a combination I hadn't heard in a good 10 years--sort of a briefly sustained low note, then high, then "white noise."

It sounded exactly like my old 2400-baud modem connecting.

If anyone gets e-mail from my shower, let me know. I'm worried that it's sending pictures.


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Aug. 30th, 2005 06:47 am (UTC)

Don't admit that you can identify that sound to the other luddites. That's a hangin' offense. :)
Aug. 30th, 2005 07:29 am (UTC)
I did receive an e-mail from plumbingsystem@chukar.com but I deleted it unopened. I don't have much of my sanity left and sating my curiosity isn't worth endangering those few last threads.
Aug. 30th, 2005 10:47 am (UTC)
I figgered Kamal wasn't spying on the house enough with his random visits every three weeks...
Aug. 30th, 2005 06:47 pm (UTC)
Sep. 3rd, 2005 11:33 pm (UTC)
Laughed so much I added you. After all, I'm about to go to university, to get a writing degree, to go on to get a high-powered writing career... hang on...
Sep. 4th, 2005 07:06 am (UTC)
That's so sweet :) A *writing* degree! (pats on head)

Sorry, that was rude :) No matter what they say about the usefulness or lack of on a writing degree, it's a powerful tool for getting a job (because it's a darned English degree!) Best of luck. Scanned over your poetry, I have only about 30 seconds right now, but it seemed very accessible and lively. What school are you attending?

Sep. 4th, 2005 10:46 am (UTC)
Yeah......forgot that all you'd see is poetry...... if I were you, I'd leave it at those thirty seconds.

No, not solely a "writing" degree. It's English language, possibly with a bit of creative writing thrown in. I'll be going to Lancaster university, but I've heard Lancaster is a very different place in America to the UK.

Just ignore the poetry, not my strong point :)
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