Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Spam Update:

There is this free date site filled with tons of sex-addicts.
No flowers, no gifts, just meet up for action :)

There are also a few who want a serious relationship though
So if you want a long-termer, or a one-nighter, you got it ;)
Whatever floats your boat pretty much!
Are you a straight man into other straight men? A lesbian hermaphrodite trying to find your soul-sister? A Sub vegesexual polygamist with a penchant for carrot-swapping? A furniture fetishist with a thing for amputees? Are you turned on by bunjee-jumping watersports and live bait? Are you a heterosexual fox furry? Have we got a dating service for YOU!

Okay, time to put down the "Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices" and go to work.

PS: My oven's broken :(
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