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Happily shallow...'s hard to read LJ-friends right now. There's so little cheer left, it seems. The highways and roads in Austin and San Antonio--well, Austin's just "lightly busy," San Antonio seems like a ghost town in places, but I'm not too familiar with SA.

Whines and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary today :) Even that silver lining sometimes has a cloud behind it, but it's been a nice day and a lovely year, with 20% chance of showers, some drought, a tornado or two. *sigh*

Went to San Antonio for a day-trip, visited the museum of art, and a half-price books with fantastic prices on their games. We stopped at PF Chang's for lunch, and had a little disney moment at the end--my fortune cookie was empty, which I started picking at for metaphor, until Whines cracked open his cookie and handed me his fortune, which I have, to my irritation, just found out that I have lost, but it was something like "YOU WILL PROVIDE FOR A FRIEND IN NEED."


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