Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Surrealist Lullabye

Sleep little baby,
Shutter your eyes,
so the clouds and the stars won't see in,
Close the door to the day
in the chapel of rest,
where the dreams of the waking world pray.

Catch your eyes, when they run
toward the cinnabar sun,
I'll hold them, my child,
while you sleep,
or give them wings,
your hummingbird eyes,
to bring you sweet nectar to drink.

Sleep, little baby,
and wake to your dreams,
wake to your cover of foam,
the river that carries
your bed toward the dawn
is silvered by fish, and the moon.

Your bed is the sand,
your pillow the rush
of each night-water breath
that you speak,
let my hope be your blanket,
my love keep you warm,
sleep, my dream baby, and wake.
Tags: poetry
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