Spotty Logic (spottylogic) wrote,
Spotty Logic

Bitch, rant--

I'm sitting at a "please help the little queers get married" table at the Unitarian Universalist church. Now, UU's are, by definition, activists, at least a little bit. It's the Church of Human Rights.

So I'm encouraging people to sign up with No Nonsense In November to vote against that damned amendment, and a wee little man approaches.

He's wearing a funny blue plaid shirt, long sleeves, with blue cut-off shorts, black socks hiked up halfway to his knees with shocking green tennis shoes, and has this "60's folk singer union req." moustache and short-cropped hair.

He looks at me, with some degree of interest in the table. I start on Standard Why I'm Here Spiel #4. He makes this gesture with his hands, putting them together and dismissively seperating them, saying "Politics."

I stare at him. "Well, yes."

"It's politics."

"Yes, but it's a constitutional amendment that affects human rights."

"I transcend politics."

So I said something rude to him at that point, probably "That's an astonishingly useless philosophy." What I should have said was "Maybe you're in the wrong denomination." Pissed me the hell off--I have more respect for the psycho right-wing nutcases we're fighting.
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