September 7th, 2003

[fades] browns and reds

(no subject)

I need your strength today.
The road is long,
and you go where there are
no roads.
Help me to walk
the outback of my life,
the thorny trails that wind away
from the straight, infinite lanes
of the ordered, driven world
I never seem to see,
help me to remember that
your run through the savannah,
your slow prowl for prey,
your startled forest dash
leads as surely to tomorrow as my elusive road.

Life is a gift to the living,
and it is only human madness
to leave that gift in wrapping.
The dead romantics seized the day
in their time, but that time passed
years ago, and this world sometimes
seems not worth the seizing. Lend me
your teeth, your jaws, let me
tear the heart from life
with a carnivore's grim fever.
Every day that's not devoured
is a day left to rot,
given freely to the grave.