November 19th, 2003

[fades] browns and reds

Hentai is not a shared experience.

I know I'm going to get blamed for last night.

We've been doing movie nights on Tuesday for a while now--usually Badger and myself, Whines and whatever roomies show up that evening, unless we move to Whines's house, in which case, it's pretty much the same, but with a 30% increase in roomies attending.

There's been a sense of...shall we say...increasing dread of my movie selections. I think this trend started in earnest with Lion King II a month or two ago, and lately, people spend more time glaring at me than watching the movies. It's rarely something I do intentionally. I personally like 1960s educational films, cheesy cartoons and ethically dubious cinema.

So, last night, I backed out of the film process entirely, and contented myself with cooking and seeing what got put on screen. Badger brought home, out of some sort of morbid curiousity, "La Blue Girl" live-action. And Whines brought over a tape of "cartoons for fallen catholics" I picked up a few days before.

It's bad when the South Park movie redeems the evening.

I want to go on the record as saying, in writing, that I have never encouraged Badger in renting live-action Japanese tentacle-porn, that I didn't really want to see Animation for Fallen Catholics last night, and that South Park was better than I had expected.

But this [points accusing finger] is what happens when I don't pick out the films.
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