February 5th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Spotty's cursed camera strikes again!

Finally, with commentary, my photos from Aisha's December "I'm leaving Houston, weep for me" party, and trip to moody gardens. Crom! Aaand, since a lot of you might be in it, my January Scrapbook, with pics from Aisha's "Welcome To Austin, Yay" party and Sdocat's Big Move. I'm in even less of these than usual. A brief word of explanation here--I was attempting to get a decent photograph of Sdocat through most of January. I deleted a lot of them. This is not to say the ones I kept were decent, some of them made me snicker.

If anyone has Sparrow's addy and wants to make sure he gets the pictures of him being thrown around the living room on a spinny chair, that'd be nice.