February 9th, 2004

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To celebrate my new state of not-having-to-work-on-sundays-for-my-mother, I did something I'd been wanting to do for a while--made the nicest breakfast I could for some of my dear friends and roommates--baktre, auliya, kaanah, twistdbutterfly, April, Badger, Butterfly's squeeze j395boyko, (gasp for air) and my sister Jelli, who hadn't even been to my house since I moved out two-point-something years ago were there. She even brought my/her dumb dog, Bella.

Amazingly enough, I got the quantity of food right, but not quite in the manner I predicted. After messing up one sauce and probably losing four of them due to trying to cook with three hands but only having two, I ended up using 45 eggs some total (I bought 42). That's a bit short of my personal record of 112 eggs when I was baking a s**tload of pumpkin pies for a church, but I'm still proud of the figure. First "course," a double-tray of 48 home-made sweet rolls. Those went off without a hitch. Second course, eggs benedict. I ended up with two servings of that left over, and the hollendaise sauce was kinda funky, but not bad for a first attempt. Third course--Austrian Busctlen (I don't know how to spell that!) with little puffy fluffballs of biscuit floating on vanilla custard. Not totally happy with that, but only because I've made that one enough to get it right--I overcooked the custard, overdid the biscuits, and used too much flour in the dough, but they were still tastey.

Somehow, I've got a reputation for cooking more than I need to prepare. I can't think why. And I did, there were leftovers all over the kitchen. But as she was packing to leave, my sister called her friend, who reminded her that she had a potluck luncheon to go to, she took a full tray of sweet rolls with her. Then me and Butterfly had the leftover Busctlen for dinner, and 395Boyko had the last two sweet rolls--after all that madness, and an Eggs Benedict fed to the dog, that left me with eight Busctlen biscuits left. And I even un-destroyed the kitchen, putting it in the state it was in the night before.

Yes! Symmetry!
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[fades] browns and reds

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Typo for the day, sent mass-mail to everyone having trouble with our Data Tracker software:

"The system is back up, and we are sorry for any incontinence this problem may have caused."
[fades] browns and reds

Obsess much?

Internal voice, probably ego: "Okay! They want me to transcribe all this wine-and-cheese themed data from a survey into a Word document. Cool! Okay, here's the original hard-copy--I love the little questionaire cards, pretty burgeondy background, kind of satiny--we'll just pop open photoshop--Okay, use pencil to draw in wavy ribbony lines, reset gradient fill to wine red, and, fill background, select interior of ribbon pattern, apply double-difference layers--right, that looks great, almost a lighting effect, and offset pencil lines by a few pixels for a shading--cool. Now, offset by one-half of original size, edit a bit, undo offset--there, seamless tiled background. Excellent!

"Right! Cool! Okay, apply to background of word document. Damn, that turned it into a web page. Okay, try again. Damn. Okay...um...I want patterned borders. Uh...okay, create 8.5x11 image with feathered edges, fill with pattern. Yes! Back to word document, paste as background! Right! That almost worked! Damn you, Word! Co-operate! Or I'll bite you! Right, threats worked again. Now, text-box, fill with winebg.jpg, excellent, but why did it slide to the right of the page and move the stationary background image to the left? Oh, it's gone into webpage mode again. Let's try..."

(an hour later) "Beautiful! Feathered background with wine pattern, text box, same background, off-yellow font, perfect, survey responses, lovely! Print out a copy, coolness, pity the blue is still cutting out, it's pink, but beyond that, work of art. Yes!"

Another internal voice, probably superego, always a bit late: "Spotty, did it occur to you that they probably just want their data? This was a survey, not a marketing flyer in process."


"But it looks so nice!"