February 12th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Warning--blather that is only interesting to me ahead.

New RenFest this weekend! Crom! And I think I'll have my bone rattle ready to go, for absolute weirdness. I made this about two years ago--I think it's the upper thigh of a cow, a pretty sturdy ball-and-socket joint at the handle, wrapped with black tendrils, going to the knee-type joint that's been hollowed out to hold, originally, a glass ball containing a few hundred black and white seed beads, so it made a neat susserating sound when rattled, like angry sand. Unfortunately, I used a Christmas ornament for the globe, with glass only a little thicker than heavy cardstock, so, natch, I broke it at the first LARP I took it to. Thursday I took a hacksaw to it, took it apart, and fitted it with a wrought-iron orb, filled with "natural look" six-sided dice. The sound's not so great, kind of a gentle metallic "clank," but it looks cool, and it was a perfect fit for the hollow I carved for the glass globe. It's a lot heavier though, so I've filled the marrow cavity with wood filler putty. I don't think the cow was expecting that, and if I explained it, probably wouldn't understand my motivation. Don't care, don't like cows. An unnecessarily complicated device for beef delivery.

This week's RenFest is a new one, a little pagan affair held by a new-age bookstore and the "Witches of Burnet." Hee. My costume--flowing white velvet robe with black trim, a bit bathrobey, but overall nice. Black wrap-pants, white poet's shirt, aforementioned new toy, silver deer tiara, and my antlers. KXAN TV's gonna be there, and I *know* I'll get some TV time. I just have to figure out how to get it recorded. I wish I had a nice belt and some shoes. One of those double-ring-belts will be high on my list of Things to Buy, but they're always so damn pricy.
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