February 18th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Things I found in the Trash--

The company changed its name recently, and has embarked on a campaign to get rid of ALL the material marked with the previous two "brands." Including the company swag. There's a lot of swag. There's also a huge amount of...stuff...that has accumulated under, around, and in the swagpiles. So there was a HEWGE pile marked "Take it home or we burn it" in the hall today.

Today, I have acquired:
Two bags of orange and black balloons and matching crepe streamers. In February.
Two 1.5' tall gradiated cylinders, plastic.
A stuffed, pregnant, but anatomically inaccurate, nine-banded armadillo. As everyone knows, nine-banded armadillos always give birth to identical quadruplets.
A small tie tack marked "Johnson Control." This is smirk-worthy.
18 pairs of 3-D/Rainbow Spec glasses. I gave these to kiddies.
A huge bag of tiny compasses. The kiddies ain't getting these!
"Krill: The Card Game." This seems to have vanished.
20 120-minute cassettes.
"Uncle Milton's Ant-Watcher's Manual."
A children's book about lions, fiction.
A children's book about lions, nonfiction.
A transparent lucite clip-board. Very cool.
A disturbing picture of a woman in a lab coat.
A large sign saying "ABE" in 8" letters.
A large sign saying "Look what's new!" in neon, slightly swishy font.
A clock-sign saying "Next Show At:" which is making all my co-workers jealous.
A green leatherette notebook with a logo that just screams "Captain of the Radioactive 'H' Squad!"

Oooh, I feel all scavengey.
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