March 11th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

(no subject)

Everything I've done today has been the most important thing on someone's mind, putting all other projects, of which there was not a shortage, to the back of the fridge, where they will lurk until they begin to smell funny and leak orangey fluid.

Sales reps from across the country ask me questions whenever they can't be bothered to look something up. And we have a great many sales reps, and they aren't all that good with e-mail.

We never bothered putting in a sofa because nobody's home long enough to sit down.

And my hot water heater just exploded.

I need a meal that says, explicitly, "Go ahead, interrupt my lunch. I can eat this, talk to you, proof a memorandum and send this library pack to the president's meeting in Ontario. Tomorrow. You're more important than my health."

Pop-tarts. Part of this complete life-style.