March 19th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Furry Con, so far--

Sigh--updating my LJ from a con :) Oh, well.

Last night was a bit scary, when the little geeks started playing "Let's See How High the Chairs Stack" at the Schlotsky's Deli. But they seem okay people.

Lotta people here--about the same population density as one of the Camarilla conventions. Not overly crowded. Some nice costuming, too! A really cool hyena costume, for one. Yeah, fur-suits, definately not on my LJ interests list, but it was nice artistry.

Feeling a bit strange, though. It may be the stress, or the huge amount of caffeine in my system, but every time I'm still, I get these tiny waves of fatigue, nearly as regular as a s-l-o-w heartbeat. I've tried to solve the problem by not being still, but I'm having a horrible time typing this. Had to make a lot of corrections.

Much with the planning madness. I didn't get my hospitality suite set up until 3:00, and had $30 worth of weiners softening thawing in my car for an hour. Finally set it up in the con coordinator's front part of her suite. Much with the well-fed artists. Happy, happy.

I really need to rest, though. Maybe I'm catching something. Maybe I just need a nap.

Love ya!

PS: A "kid's model" lion tail looks like a hyena tail if you add spots.