April 7th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Jew, please?

Help! I need a Jew!

Okay, well, not really a crisis, but on the Scavenger's Table, where people put food that they want to get rid of, someone put a big box of matzah, which I love--yummy bland crunchy crackers, great with peanut butter--and some sort of brown paste which I can't identify. It *tastes* like a meat product, savory but not very strongly flavored, like denatured potted meat spread, but it could be seasoned veggie paste, I don't know. Definately has onions or something that feels like onions.

I'm assuming, because of the close proximity to the crackers, that this is leftover from someone's Special Jew Dinner. I'm curious, it's quite tasty, but I hate not being able to place the flavor of something I'm eating, particularly when it's basically a paste.

Of course, this might be crackers with some totally non-Hebraic spread. I can't rule that out.