April 10th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Image for the day:

Empty church corridor. Slate grey tiles. Picture glass windows filter in sunlight exhausted from struggling through the clouds. Slowly, a priest rides his bicycle down the hall.


I'm at the church, and I felt I had to type that in before it evaporated. Then I looked at my mother's desktop wallpaper.

Someone installed it on her birthday two years ago, and she hasn't changed it (except to remove the occasional joke wallpaper that the teenagers put up--you know, the sort of young, muscular full-montey action you expect to see in a church bookstore.)

Her standard wallpaper is very sweet. The picture--in the old style of the Disney $.10 comics, Donald has just walked out of his ramshackle houseboat to go fishing. Suddenly, and much to his complete surprise and delight, all his friends and loved ones have come out of the woodwork to celebrate his birthday! Daisy Duck brought out a box of chocolates, Huey, Dewie and Louie are playing party horns--Scrooge McDuck, and a elderly female duck who may be related to Scrooge--is there a Mrs. McDuck? Is Scrooge so jaded and bitter because he lost his one true love? I don't know--is bringing out the cake. I'm guessing there's 50 candles on it, though it's eclipsed by the cake box.

There are some seriously obscure characters. Gladstone Gander is waving a "Happy Birthday!" sign. The cow and bull characters from god knows what black and white short from the '40's are here. One of the Three Little Piggies has joined the party. Gyro Gearloose has brought an animatronic Donald to do that little sailor dance Donald has done once, in his carefree 20-something days.

There's something poignant about this. Someone put this wallpaper up on her computer two years ago, and she keeps it up, that little note of "someone gave this to me, someone did something special--someone remembered."

But looking at it, the image contains that little dark note in every high school band performance that renders it false. It's probably Donald's 50th birthday. All his friends came to cheer him.

Now, granted, he's a busy man, but where is Mickey?

This cow poo in the daisy field sums up so much about my family, really.
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