April 29th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds


Tesco? Testco? Supermarkets in Scotland are apparently trying out a new shopping cart with seven levels of resistance, so as you push them around the store, you actually get a workout. At the highest levels of reistance, a 40-minute shopping trip can burn 260 calories.

Cool! This is an excercise plan I can actually do! With the amount of time I spend at grocery stores every week, If they get these at the local Howard E Butts grocery store, I might be able to catch up with Dr Leo :)

Okay, that's one pint whipping cream, a four-pound bag of chicken breasts, three avocados, a bag of pumpkin seeds, two cans tomato, olive oil, a large onion, three loaves french bread, raisins, brown sugar--(pant pant)--Feel the burn...