May 6th, 2004

Nose to the Grindstone


The Vice President for Operations sent out a letter asking for information on our process--that is, how products move from conception to publication, and what hands held them during that time. Since I help organize release schedules and request product code numbers, I figured that I was being involved in this. We were three letters in before I found out he was trying to reach Josh Williams.

Nose to the Grindstone

Day 3:

A member of the herd went foraging today and brought her finds back to the break room. She left several trays of pastry and breakfast goods in the herd's common territory, and then went back to her den. It is refreshing to see them approaching this generous gift--delicate, fearful, many will take only a single danish. Though they are surely the most enticing finds, the large cinnamon rolls are often the last delicacies on the tray.

However, Buku is not so timid. Like Brighteye, Buku is a young male, and as his badge hasn't changed to a glossy white, he is probably still a temp. Buku has brought a paper towel to the break room, and fills it with food, even taking one of the large cinnamon rolls. Several hours later, he returns to the table, scavenging the leftovers for a few pieces of melon and pineapple, but he leaves, disappointed. A number of times I have seen Buku and Brighteye cautiously circling in front of the microwave, eyeing each other as if to size up the competition. Buku may be Brighteye's primary rival in attaining an eligible and attractive female. Thusfar, except for a brief squabble over the last of the bacon, egg and cheese tacos, there has been no bloodshed. In recognition of his lower station, Buku took one of the many bean and cheese tacos to his cubical. I believe he is storing food up for the upcoming Convention Season, where there are fewer executive meetings and food is not so readily available.

Wakila, one of the dominant females, visited the break room. It is my theory that many of the dominant members of the herd have their own coffee pots, and order food in instead of foraging. The herd spread apart to give her access to the resources of the break room. In the future, she will be calling office services to replace her own coffee pot, but for now, Wakila must share the coffee of her subordinates.
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