May 31st, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Comic titles that never caught on:

Thermal Justice and the Easily Agitated Four--He's a powerhouse of fiery retribution, backed up by four slightly paranoid white males with persecution complexes.

The Histamine Blockers: Fighting crime through the power of allergens. Rejected by "Marvel" because it violated the Geneva convention.

Bruce "Buddy" Flick and Friends--a fairly nice guy whose astonishing power, given to him as a gypsy curse, was to attract dogs, small blond boys or little girls with red or brown curly hair, ethnically diverse cops, or a handicapped kid. Parents didn't approve when Flick sent his comrades into battle.

Teen Ahnks: Three powerful super-teens--Aquanet White, Industrial and Carpe Noctem, who really couldn't be bothered to fight crime tonight, thanks all the same.

Cat and Mouse: Reasonably well-recieved comic built along standard template (busty female lead in spandex, male lead who probably stuffs his tights, fighting street crime). Series failed when protagonists spent a two-issue storyline arguing about where to eat.

Mysterio, Servant of Fortune--Short-lived series about a powerful prophet who fought against Ckarak, Scourge of Galaxies. Excellent artwork for the period, but couldn't overcome Mysterio's too-frequent use of entrail-reading.

Burrows: Three-issue mini-series with (forlorn) hope of finding a larger audience, based on the adventures and soul-searching of Sam Whate, a were-vole.