June 7th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

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the_october and I were puttering around the bookpeople-whole foods-tavern-Cheapo strip Friday waiting for Pagan Caffienation Night, and stopped to visit Whole Earth Provision Company--they've always got neat gifts an' stuff.

Found a most peculiar cultural artifact--a book called The Boy Who Cried "Fabulous!"

I'm okay with a certain level of fabulous, but this book, whoo. It crossed some serious fabulosity boundaries. The illustrations were done in a sort of art-deco 1920-40 style, but airbrushed. The main character had a quoif, nay, a pompador, nay, a full-on Oompa Loompa hairstyle. And he cried "Fabulous!" at every opportunity. The ice cream was fabulous. Mrs. Henrieta's new haircut was fabulous.

The plot? Roger, who cried "Fabulous!" at every opportunity, was making Mom and Dad nervous. They asked him to stop with the whole "fabulous" thing, so he switched to "Marvelous!" "Wonderful!" and so forth, but it was brief, so brief, and in the end, Mom and Dad were okay with Roger's fabulosity.

"Roger, you go straight--
Straight to school!"

Rhyming couplets were involved.

This book was written to an eight-year-old level. I am still trying to work out the precise target audience. It was a fun book, great presentation, had its heart in the right place, but it left me with some lingering confusion of authorial intent.

Visit amazon for more information about this fabulous book.