June 26th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Thank you, John!

Knightsky gave me my birthday presents, and one of them was something I'd been wanting for years--like, 22 years, it was in the back of a "Richie Rich" comic book, along with the x-ray specs--Moon Slime! "A dehydrated creature in a powder! Watch it DEFY GRAVITY!"

Like all things in the back of comic books, a *bit* of a let-down. Being some sort of starch-derivative, it behaved as a long-chain molecule in a liquid suspension would, very much like how sea urchin semen behaves (and don't ask how I know that). It *did* defy gravity, in a very limited sense--in that if you tupped over a cup of the stuff, and then lifted the cup so it wasn't flowing, the viscous semiliquid would pull some of itself over the lip of the cup "against" the flow of gravity.

Living creature in a powdered form? No, probably not, unless it was sea urchin.

Fun, fun, but not endless hours of fun.

The kit of glow-slime was a lot of fun, too. That was neat--make your own borax and guar gum slimes and jellys, then add zinc sulfide so it GLOWS. October got a tiny amount of the powder on his hands, and then proceeded to leave radioactive handprints all over, or at least on knightsky.

Also bought myself the spice rack I'd been lusting after--a lazy susan with 12 little spice jars that fit into it, all matte black and chrome. Each one has a scoop slot, sprinkle, and a dial at the bottom to measure out quarter teaspoons each click--neat. And they stack on each other. This is the sexiest spice rack I have ever seen. If only I could find someone who was as turned on by this particular spice rack as I am. What thymes we could have.

On that note, beddy-bye, and dream of slime, sea urchins and spice racks :) Thanks for the present, John!
[fades] browns and reds

Scavenging Report:

Book People: Hyena greeting cards. This is amazing. But, I paid retail, so that doesn't count.

Savers Thrift Department Store:
Brown lamé club shirt, $5.99.

I've never heard of brown lamé.