August 3rd, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

The Japanese Import that Bled to Death!!!

Most of the recent car problems went away when I added a quart of transmission fluid to the mix.


Transmission fluid is BLOOD RED. It looks like stage blood from a low-end horror flick.

Transmission fluid costs money.

But I have a *lot* of stage blood in my closet.

[fades] browns and reds

(no subject)

Went to discount theater.

Price of bag of popcorn, the "Large," $4.75.

This was the size of a bag of microwave popcorn, and not quite as fresh.

There *was* a Jumbo Tub, the "eat popcorn until you SWEAT ARTIFICIAL BUTTER" size. Which is what I wanted, oh yes. Grease me up. Slather more oil on that tub than they put on Brad Pitt in "Troy."

It was $5.75, and only for sale if you bought two $2.50 sodas. It wasn't even listed on the Size Chart.

I'm not sure why this affected me so profoundly. $5.75 is an acceptable price, by movie theater standards. But that I couldn't purchase it without two massively overpriced sodas, which I don't really consider part of the theater "experience." I want an itemized reciept. Actually, at those prices, I want sexual favors, or at least a copy of the take-home game. Or proof that part of the price went to the Betty Ford Home for Over-the-Top Furries.


(crunch, crunch)

I do want my popcorn prices understandable, though. That seems fair.
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