August 15th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Oog...bad Unitarians...

I saw "Farenheit 9/11." It's not like I'm going to flip out, forget "W" is targetting so many people I know and love, and the educational sector in general for which I work, for financial cuts, Left Hand Path Christian-based legislation, and general derision on a nationwide level. I'm not going to forgive him the terrible, terrible costs and horror he's dealt out to the English language. I'm not going to have a sudden, collosal brain fart and vote a straight Republican ballot because my stylus slipped or I suddenly forgot how much of a polar opposite I am to Dubya and everything he stands for. I didn't even want to see 9/11, I just thought that it was important that I *do* see it.

So why does the guest speaker for the UU service have to go on a 35+minute rant about how bad Americans are, our many crimes, how the world sees us, and how we should vote? I'm almost surprised he wasn't visibly aroused, this sort of thing always feels like leftist pornography on some level.

Problems "ADD" people have in church. They had to cut two hymns from the service because he droned on, reprising what he said before, paraphrasing Michael Moore (who is a damnsite more entertaining and interesting, and actually has more than one note to speak on). Grr. I left a nasty note in the collection plate along with my $2.