August 18th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

First time for that, I guess--

Besides my mother, of course, who always gets a bit pissy when I go all non-mainstream. I was discussing the Unitarian service with which I'd been helping out with my new boss, and realized that the conversation was getting a bit bizaare (she was operating under the not-uncommon assumption that Unitarians were a fringe group of Christianity). So I clarified that it was a pagan-led service, to which she accidentally vocalized a brief "eew!" I snapped back "watch it," as it's not good to get adversarial with your support staff *or* your boss. A day or two later I was discussing how one of my co-workers was really hamming it up for the kiddies at the corp picnic dunking booth, and I said that was probably all the church work he did--church youth group work does tend to make one a bit of a ham, from experience. She said, "Yes, he's a good Christian man."

I really do love Christianity, but I'm going to have to step a bit carefully here.