August 28th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Small notes of melencholy--

It looks like the Dollar Discount Theater's closed. I haven't verified this, but the rocky horror folks were crying about it, and now there's nothing on their marquis. This is the last of the three dollar theaters that were open in Austin, and a bit of the end of an era.

With rentals, movie downloads and cable TV, the entertainment budget may not stretch to dollar theaters anymore. But I spent almost every sunday with my mother at the dollar theater, retreating from the horrors of the world in a dark room with flickering images and an uncomfortable chair that smelled vaguely of pee. And now I live so close to it, it's almost convenient.

le sigh... Sorry to see it go. Possibly someone will take over the space, but it'd most likely be the Drafthouse. Cool though they are, they ain't the dollar discount cinema.

As well, it occured to me that right now, people are scurrying around to stock their Spirit Halloween Superstore locations for the September 1 deadline. Those stores are absolute hell, but they were everything about the retail experience condensed into a three-month period, and it was so much fun working them, I've missed them. It's been three years, though, and they didn't look at my application the last time (what, two years spirit halloween experience doesn't qualify me to work at spirit halloween? I'm not sure I follow!) Anyway, I've got my 40 hours.

Still, it's kind of sad. That was such a blast, and I love retail AND Halloween. I'll still be going to visit as soon as they're open.
[fades] browns and reds


For some reason, I did something slightly different in the get coffee cup - add saccharine - add milk - add coffee sequence, or maybe it was just that I was watching when I poured in the coffee, and the light was right--but it effervesced! Carbonated coffee! Yeah!
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Stage one...a success!

After much effort and patient unscrewing, badger, baktre and myself got the sliding glass door removed, leaving enough space for the couch to come effortlessly through. This will require hoisting the couch over the fence, for which I have commissioned the services of drleo, for he is mighty. Then, reassembling the door. Then a shower. Preferably more than one, as we won't all fit.

Yes! Soon I will have THE TACKIEST SOFA!!!!
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After we figured out how to take apart the door (an hour), hoisted the couch in and over (no damage to the fence), it took five minutes to reassemble the door.

Badger: "That's to be expected. We couldn't read the instructions, there were six testicles here."

Yay, semicompetent male engineering! I now have THE COUCH! In my house!!!

Now showers and salad :)

(little happy hyena dance)