September 1st, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Work whining--

1) My new boss left me a $25 gift certificate for Target! Yay! Now the decision of 1) more black tank tops, since I wear them almost every single day and only have one, or 2) more DVDs. Hmmm...

2) My department VP has a hewge picture of a lion on her office wall. They're everywhere, I swear.

3) Butterfly's got a new co-worker that spoke warmly of hyenas without any prompting. This is...interesting. Married, though. Drat.

4) Someone has put about three pounds of fudge out for general scavenging. (scarf, chomp) I don't even like fudge.

5) My "partner," who did the other half of my job (it's a three-person job already reduced to two), took a horizontal promotion the other week. As a consequence, my in-box has grown to weigh more than I do. I've adopted the strategy of "if they ask twice, it must have been important" for task management. Dear sweet Jesus, I'm slowly slipping behind--this is one of those periods where I really should stay until 7:00 to stay caught up, but if I don't have my evening fun and social activities, my head would explode. I may end up coming over on Saturday for a few hours just to stay remotely on top of things, and facing a two-hour shift is easier than staying an extra hour during an already long work-day.

Thank Goddess I have my stuffed hyenas with me. They understand.