September 19th, 2004

Crocuta Plate

On the road again...

Went to the Table Rock fantasy faire. My gods, near thermonuclear heat, but it was nice enough. I feel the same way about the Table Rock faire that I feel going to a small independent retail store--guilty that I'm not taking more stuff home with me. But I'd never buy food, and the leather stuff is just a bit too pricey, the costuming tends to be either for women or very high-end men's garments (like these wonderful posh french-colonial jackets...gurgle, beautiful) So I ended up walking away with a complete set of "Bilge Pump Singers" albums, a pirate band. One of the members plays didjeredoo, not that this is a challenge, but it still makes me perky.

Butterfly has been letting me borrow her car--it drives pretty well, though it's a big beast and a touch difficult to steer, so I need to use two hands for the steering wheel. She's had this car for about two years, it's a pretty typical late 80's-style family sedan with cracked vinyl seats.

Today, owing to my unique ability to cause system havoc in cars, we discovered--after church--that the car has an alarm system. No evidence of this for two years, it certainly wasn't something the dealer mentioned, but here I try to unlock it with my copy of the key, and it starts honking uncontrollably.

This is so typical...
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