October 20th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds


Dinner was a mitigated failure, or a highly qualified success, depending. It was edible, and a bite or two had an okay flavor--kind of a tropical banana-papaya sort of thing, but it was a touch mealy, and certainly not for the faint of palate, and it definately was tiring after a few bites. The fruit smell is very strong, even now. And the shrimp had no flavor (though I started with cocktail shrimp, which are pretty bland to begin with!)

Durian is NEAT, but a bit icky. Once you get past the spiky green exterior, the interior has little sacs of onion-vanilla pudding, each one wrapped around a seed. It's really neat, like Gaia said "I shall make a FRUIT OF WAR that can be eaten easily with a spoon." I mean, it really WANTS to be pudding. It almost didn't need the blender, but I did that for smoothness of texture. It smelled good when I was finished, which was kind of a triumph.

I don't like papaya. I may try durian in a year or so (and this time follow a recipe), but I probably won't mess with papaya ever again.

Whines--thank you for bringing dumplings and steamed bread things :)

Anyway, the experience of Durian was certainly worth the price of the vegetable itself, that was a lot of fun, very gooey and stringy.

Anyway, I ended up scraping a nearly full casarolle dish of the stuff into the sink and running it down the disposal. I guess that makes it more of a mitigated failure, but it was still a lot of fun :)
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[fades] browns and reds

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JHVH-1: You may walk in the coolness of my garden, and eat any fruit
you find therein, save the fruit of the tree of knowledge. For if you
eat of it, you shall surely die.

ADAM: No problem, sir.

JHVH-1: Excuse me?

ADAM: Heard loud and clear, your prime mover-ness. Hadn't planned to.

JHVH-1: You won't eat the tree of knowledge? You shall not, it is

ADAM: Noted and seconded, Lord.

JHVH-1: Mmm. Forbidden.

ADAM: I gathered that, Lord.

JHVH-1: Nummy.

ADAM: I wouldn't know, king of the heavens.

JHVH-1: Well, then. Good...small creature built in my image. [ADAM preens.]
I will just be getting on with that constitutional monarchy thing.

ADAM: Can I help?

JHVH-1: No. [ADAM plays with sticks.]