December 12th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

Christmas at ground zero--

Tuesday evening! The doors are open at 6:00--come help us decorate the tree, spike santas in the front yard, and sing christmas carols, or JOHN WILL GET US!!! :)

Butterfly and I are, let's face it, Grinches. But we've just lost our rabid Christmas freak, and we have to put up the holiday cheer, or...well, if vengeance from beyond will happen, it'll certainly happen if we don't have a tree.

Y'all are more than welcome to come over, the doors are open! Please bring eggnoggy cookie stuff or tacky lawn ornaments.

A favor, for those who read all the way through my posts--can anyone find info on the "launch your loved one's cremains into space" service? We'd be willing to pay quite a bit for this one.
[fades] browns and reds

Space, the final frontier--

And a bit expensive. Launching the equivilent of a packet of sweet'n'low, or one gram of powdered John, into space is going to run $1000. But it seems like a good cause, and you get a neat video of the launch as a peculiar keepsake. Yay :) One of the later flights is from the same site that launched Sputnik--that's kind of cool, but not really necessary. Anyway, interesting trivia, I'll probably get back with the nice man in January, after I've discussed the expenses with John's family a bit. It's not exactly pressing, but it is very much a fitting tribute.

Thanks for everyone who's been so supportive of all this. I'm probably going to cut back a bit on the daily updates. Much love to you all!