December 29th, 2004

[fades] browns and reds

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There have been some concerns that the Chukar TV series (that is, the TV series that is almost certainly being filmed by the hidden cameras at our house on Chukar Circle) has, as it were, "jumped the shark." It's a legitimate fear. I mean, the writers killed off a major character last season, in addition to making my life impossibly complicated and poor Butterfly's life Buffy Season Six unpleasant. Then they immediately--like, the next episode, practically--find a "new" character--a character that Butterfly, October and Spotty happen to know, but haven't spoken to since "Chukar Circle" went on the air, and who just happened to desperately and conveniently need a new place. In fact, I don't remember him as a recurring character since they before they cancelled my previous series, "Pickman's Abbey." Anyway, it's way too cut-and-dried. I'm worried that they're trying to spin a show that got too tragically weird into a "Friends"-esque "bizaare and semicompatible Gen-Exers sit around and talk about nothing." I'm sure we'll lose our audience.

It is vitally important that NOBODY at Chukar dates any of the other inmates, or we might as well just start planning our spin-off series right there. And if anybody encounters a floating green genie that only they can see, we're going to be having problems.