January 11th, 2005

God's Gonna GET you!


Woohoo! Got it! I just got the new Jack T. Chick "Light of the World" video!!! So Wednesday movie night--join Chukar for CHILI and HELL! We'll warm up with something fun--don't know what yet, I'm thinking Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey or Monkeybone, or maybe Flatliners--any requests? Something with a good strong side of HELL! We'll put it to a vote, if people want to bring their own choices. Then, once the chili's ready, we'll serve it up with cheese and Chick! And maybe I'll have gotten my new tract rack in, and people can help me decorate it :) Open invitation, though there's a finite amount of space in my living room!
Nose to the Grindstone

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Little dork moment for the day--talking about a nice sales fixture with my slightly ambiguous boss. It's a cool fixture--holds ten deep trays, capacity of nearly 500 books, bright and colorful, perfect for a small library. My dialogue: "It's a good fixture. A little expensive as a give-away, but hey, nice rack."

That was the end of intelligent conversation for a few moments. Oopsie.