January 13th, 2005

[fades] browns and reds

Fun, fun :)

The movienacht went well enough last night. I put in "What Dreams May Come" for the first reel, since it dealt so heavily with heaven/hell. I'm not sure that was a good idea, but I wanted to save the Chick movie for the second reel. Some of the natives got a little restless.

Chili was good, but *gone!* I made something on the order of two gallons of the stuff, maybe a bit more, and the pot's empty! I've *never* had food go away that quickly. April's veggie chili was tasty, once I crumbled some of Samantha's cornbread in it to add some much-needed fat.

Chick movie, in review--I'll probably watch it once more for a more coherant review, but it was three stars at most, probably two and a half. The narration was lifeless, and the story was, eh. They didn't put in a good Destruction of Sodom scene.

Last week, the church sermon was on "What Is a Legitimate Religion." The pastor said that Christianity favors a Christ that can't talk--so it focuses on Christmas and Easter--the adorable infant baby (pun!), or the beaten, suffering Jesus on a Stick. Neither of them has a message beyond "God so loves you that he came to this earth as a human, and died suffering on a stick." Both ignore the teaching side.

There was a bit of casting out devils, but I don't remember anything beyond miracles and baby, certainly none of the message of JC that wasn't baby/son of god/death-based. The crucifixion was pretty agonizing, a lot of people looking away. That really was the money shot, but is it actually important how much JC suffered? Dunno.

Highlight: The "Crowd Going to Hell" scene. Most people, of course, go to hell. In one scene, all the hellbound were lining up, and there were quite a number of them! In the crowd, there was, among other things, a basketball player, a Jordanesque cheerleader (mid-cheer), a *clown*, two guys kissing (they got front-of-the-crowd visibility), and I'm reasonably sure I saw a nun. I don't recall seeing anybody explicity pagan in the crowd scene, but I'm going to go over it with a notepad soon. I like the clown. I think you can see the cheerleader plunging into the lake of fire.
[fades] browns and reds

"If I only had a brain..."

It's almost 3:00. I've been working since 9:00. I've met with about 10 people, had two 15-minute conversations, worked in the photocopy room for three hours, briefly dealt with my boss and the department president, stared into the mirror for a few minutes...

Why didn't someone tell me I had my polo shirt on inside-out? Doh...