January 21st, 2005


Ach, dorkery.

I like the concept of "furries" a lot, and I don't mind being a geek. But I'm finding the young, weird furries quite taxing. They keep wearing leashes--not shiny leather, but nylon things from the pet stores. And there's a strong insistence on tails. I'm sort of okay with that, but I don't at all like the combination of tail, stupid collar, and various gothy accessories, particularly--here's the important part--worn by someone who can't pull it off. It just sets the wrong tone. It changes things from "Here's a bunch of geeks of dubious morality and sexual orientation" to "Here's a bunch of IN YOUR FACE!!! geeks of dubious morality and sexual orientation, and maybe they look for friday night dates at PetCo."

So I'm thinking that maybe we need a new word for sane furries. How about "Professional Urban Furries"? or "Puffies" for short.

It's awkward. I don't want people not to express their inner labrador, but "taste" and "decorum" are important words in a public setting.

Spam Update:

lncrease your CUM VOLUME, and Orgasm Length

Well, that's important. I'd been wanting to update my professional development paperwork, and I'm sure ".8cc's more semen per ejaculation" would look good on my resume'. So to speak.

main benifits br> - The longest most intense Orgasms of your life
- Erctions like steel
Erctions? Oh, wait. I see what they're saying. You know, if you wrapped that in a copper wire coil and plugged in a 9v battery, you could use it to pick up paperclips. I saw this on Mr. Wizard.

- Enhancd libido/desire
- Stronger ejaculaton
Can be used to strip weather siding!

- Multiple 0rgasms
- Up to 5OO% more volume (cover her in it if you want)
? I'm not sure how she feels about this. It does make sleeping in the wet spot a bit more intimidating. There'd be tide pools.

- Studies show it tastes sweeter
This is what stopped me. I'm envisioning white-coated scientists with clipboards here. It's a very strange image. Was there a control group? Have we had rigorous scientific scrutiny? If so, there are some very libertine scientists out there. Wow. You'd think there'd be fewer people in the English department, if that's in the curriculum.

(and she'll thank you for it)
(once she towels off a bit, adjusts her hair, and replaces the drop tile ceiling panels)
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