January 22nd, 2005

[fades] browns and reds

Odd thing--

I'm building a Jack T. Chick database. It's slow going, as I'm actually reading all the darn tracts. I two I picked up one right after the other:

The Trap
Charlie and his wife are having a Rich and Famous party. We briefly hobnob with Robert, who channels the spirit entity Seth (footnote: Seth is a demon.). Robert tells Charlie that he's a reincarnated being, and maybe Seth can help him reach his full potential--but Charlie's brother in law Max has another story, about a rich man who burned, and a begger, Lazarus, who lived in God's kingdom---though he was going to burn forever, the rich man couldn't send Lazarus to the earth to warn them--God will not send another messenger, because he's already sent the prophets and Jesus. So, Charlie realizes that reincarnation is a lie, a false trap to lure men to hell. Charlie realizes that he's going to hell, and says the Salvation Prayer.

The Letter
Mildred is approached by a man with a tract (Somebody Loves Me) She snaps at him--she thinks it "cheapens the gospel" to have Christ shoved down people's throats. That night, she dreams of a sinner burning in Hell who wrote a letter to the living world. Strange spirits take the letter through the layers of hell to the living world, and to Mildred. The damned messenger gives her a letter--it says, and it rhymes, "my friend, I judge you, for you never told me I was going to hell. You knew about God, and never told me of him, of being born again, and I'm burning because of you. You let me die knowing I'd never be in heaven--'and yet in coming to this end, I see you really weren't my friend.' Signed, Frances." Mildred wakes, vows to tell Frances about heaven and salvation. But when she calls, Frances has already died in a car wreck--the final panel a close up of her weeping, horrified face.

It's not so much that there's a direct contradiction between these two tracts, it's that I picked them up in this order, one after another.