February 16th, 2005

go ahead everyone else does

"Bless it's ugly little heart!"

I'm in my cubicle, minding my own lightly obsessive business, and someone wanders in to ask me to do a quick product order for them. One of my fifty odd jobs is to call product in from the warehouse. So I'm typing, and from over my shoulder, she says "Oh...what a cute baby!"

My first thought--"Baby?!? What went wrong?" I don't have any pictures of humans up in my cubicle, and certainly no pictures of infants. Something would have to go fundamentally wrong with the laws of nature, or maybe my sister might suddenly come over all maternal. Either way...oh. She's referring to the 1895 magazine picture Maus gave me of a baby hyena.

"Bless its ugly little heart," she says. "Most babies are cute, but they've got ugly babies, and they grow up to be ugly adults."

So I shipped her order to the gas station next door.

(no, I didn't, but I thought really hard about it...)
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