March 10th, 2005

[fades] browns and reds

Spam Update:

Mowed C. Topless

Title: Stupid women waiting for you!

Well, that's an almost hypnotic turn-on. Let me get out my credit card...
[fades] browns and reds


My leather Utilikilt comes in on March 15.

I'm having a weird little problem with this. The leather UK' is sized at the even numbers--size 36, 38, 34. It's also really expensive. As it happens--and bear in mind, this is abnormal in a male of my age--my waistline is shrinking. Now, each leather kilt has drawstrings up the side...mmm...that give it about two inches of play. So there's a safe aura of 2 sizes.

But I was a size 35 when I measured, and they STRONGLY recommended that I go with a 36, of the two options. So, I did. That means I can get down to a size 34 and still have it sitting snugly above my hips.

I may end up with a very low waistline at the end of all this, if I continue to shrink. *grumble* maybe they'll let me return/resize, since it was their advice.

I was wearing a medium shirt for the first time in a long time yesterday :) I did have to hold in my midrift a bit, but I do that anyhow. Yay, I feel a bit less like middle-age is encroaching :)
[fades] browns and reds

Typos of the day:

From "City Magick," by Cristopher Penzak, an altogether spiffy treatise on urban shamanism. The Bibliography. Chris is referencing Gurps: Cthulhupunk.

"Austin, Steve Jackson Games: GURPS, Cuthulhu Pink"

Aaand, from my own fevered brain, from the title "They shall be heard," a civil rights booklet--

"They shall be bored"