March 23rd, 2005

[fades] browns and reds

Spam Update:

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"Honey...we have to talk."

"Gods, I've been dreading this conversation."

"We can get through this, but we can't skip around it. Openness and honesty are so important in a relationship."

"Okay. I can handle this. Go on."

"I'm not feeling fulfilled in bed."

(sigh) "I've been picking that up, I know."

"When we have sex, you always come either before or after a few minutes of penetration."

"Uh...yes, I guess I do. How else should I come?"

"Oh. I hadn't thought of that. Within a few minutes. Not too much, not too little. Just a few. In fact, exactly a few."

"So that's two, or three?"

"Just a few. You're just making this difficult."

"Well, if I need to start my stopwatch just before we go to work, I want to know what to set it for."

"Well...three, then."
I'm actually disturbed by the fact that there are over 3600 sites that mention "ejaculte."