March 27th, 2005

[fades] browns and reds

Updating my scrapbooks--

Haven't done any serious work with my on-line scrapbook (that would be a big "probably nobody cares unless they actually *appear* in it", but such is the nature of this sort of self-indulgence :) Some of my files are over a year old, and I'm starting to forget what the hell I/we were thinking. For example--

I post this knowing that this person is my dear friend, has an excellent sense of humor, and never reads my livejournal.

More photos from this weird little shopping trip...
[fades] browns and reds

From the AD&D 3rd Ed Monster Manual II:

Abyssal Ravager

The Abyssal Ravager is a grotesque hybrid--part demon, part hyena, and all nasty. Although its exact origins are unclear, scholars agree that it is likely the result of demonic lust, which has no bounds and results in all manner of bizarre crossbreeds.

Hey, hold on there...

Oh, well. I guess I can't say "no love for the hyenas" anymore. Even though it's demonic lovin'.
[fades] browns and reds


I'm updating my scrapbooks...still...I have a year of photos I haven't tweaked and HTML'd yet. I'm SO pleased. I have found...


the dorkiest picture of Sdocat I have ever taken.

I mean, him and Whines, they get in some really bad shots. It's probably because I'm always chasing after those two with the camera. For some reason, I mostly get pictures of Whines's rear, I'm not sure why. For some completely different reason, Sdocat's photos always turn out spectacularly bad.

This one really takes the cake. It's from the beach trip we took last June.

Very bad.