April 7th, 2005

hyena spam

Stupid Christians...

Grumble. Preface with standard disclaimer--I like Christianity, I think it's really cool.

But I can't see why Christians want to go to fun places and conspicuously not have fun at people.

I would be TONS more enticed by a conspicuous Christian that turned up at Elysium and danced, or played in the drum circle at Eeyore's Birthday Party dressed up like Jesus.

I am not impressed--only saddened for my mother's faith, formerly mine--when I see Christians at a big festival, loudly telling people that Jesus is there to redeem them. One of them had a sign that said "To mock sin makes one a fool" (Leviticus something). How do you defeat that sort of argument? I need a shirt or a quick-unfold sign that says "I have my own Goddess and my own boyfriend, and they're both more fun than your God."

Episcopalians NEVER do this kind of crap. They're usually too busy looking at the pottery booth or getting drunk.

Okay, mostly I wanted to use my new icon. So there.

Went shopping at Austin's monthly party-art show, First Thursday. Bought a pretty hair-tie thing, a wooden dowel running through a leather strap with a wolf paw print on it. Unfortunately I need way more than that to keep my mane tame, but it's a start.