May 3rd, 2005

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John's memorial--

Just a little thing, and sorry for the slightly mournful intrusion. We were talking back in December, when John died, about setting aside some money to put some of his ashes into space, so he can join Roddenberry in orbit somewhere above us. After the service, we took some time to relax, and of course the only time life doesn't careen onward at its terrible pace is when it suddenly stops, so some things got put by the wayside.

Watched a couple of minutes of John's memorial service (yes, we have the DVD), and I remembered that I had put the "launch John into space" fund on the back-burner. There's not really a hurry, per se. I figure that we can set aside some time in December to do something illogical with him, and take care of the satellite paperwork.

My closet is filled with stuff--I've been doing Christmas and birthday shopping for people, it's kind of a hobby. I felt so uncomfortable handling his box--all little white bottles marked with his name--that I just put them on the top shelf for a while. About once a month I forget what's in the box and give myself a shock. I guess I'll keep one of the feels morbid, but I'm sure I'd regret letting go of them all.

Aaanyway...enough of that grief vortex, for today. More practically, John's memorial fund is sitting at $350. That's a few people's gifts, and it doesn't include myself and Butterfly (we haven't decided how much we're going to give, but between us and John's own funds, which his mother earmarked for this, it'll be "...and the rest.") If any of you want to contribute to the memorial, please drop me a private note at jvw @ and we'll work out the details. I know a lot of people had said this was important to them, but then I quietly dropped out of communication on that. But it's been a few months, things at the house are a bit more stable, and maybe it's time to start working on that.
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Interesting Neil Gaimen note:

One of my fave scenes in "The Sandman" is the scene where the various factions are trying to buy off the Key to Hell from Morpheus. I love the bit where the lord of Order is incarnate in the form of a resplendent cardboard box, and Shivering Jemmy, the lord of Chaos, is just that cool. As an order freak, I dig the cardboard box idea.

Anyway...for a game I'm working on, I'm reading "The Victorian Underworld," a book about crime and the streets of Dickensian England. This current section is about the many different types of begging. They had just finished describing a routine of the "Ashamed begger," who played the "fallen tradesman too proud to beg, barely able to meet the gaze of his benefactors, while barely stifling the cough that's slowly killing him, just look at his eyes, you."

..."The 'Shivering Dodge,' practiced by 'Shallow Coves', was an alternative to the dcough. old mornings, the lightly clad performer would stand shivering before warmly dressed pedestrians as they passed by, mutely or loudly imploring their charity. Yet the art of continued shivering had unwelcome consequences, as one begger remarked. '"Shaking Jemmy" went on with his shivering so long that he couldn't help it at last. He shivered like a jelly - like a calf's foot with the ague - on the hottest day in summer.'

Hmm. I love little finds like this, it makes reading Gaimen, Pratchett and Kevin Andrew Murphy all the more satisfying :)
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If you've never read Serendipity Books you're clearly either not from the same generation I am, or were hiding when the twee was passed out. I loved these little things as a child.

No, I'm not going anywhere bad with this. I still love them, and they're reprinting them. Yay!

I spent most of today at the International Reading Association conference, walking the floor, seeing what all the latest and greatest in the world of educational publishing was. Much fun! Many catalogs stolen. Played Booth Boy (it's like Booth Babe, but these are english teachers, so they're either female or gay). Had a good old time, found some prezzies for people.

Anyway, I'm tooling around, and I hear someone say "Serendipity." I notice that there's a certain similarity of style in this new series--it's about talking bugs--and so I ask. I didn't recognize the name, but I'd JUST MISSED Stephen Cosgrove, the author of Serendipity.

The counternit said I could find his books "somewhere in the show over there". The show is VAST, at least a few hundred booths in no particular arrangement. I went "over there," found nothing. Eventually, I found the booth again, and sought clarity. Putnam Press sold Serendipity. Okay...*scuttle scuttle* "Yes, Stephen Cosgrove was just here, but we sold out of his books!" *scuttle, scuttle* "Did you find putnam? Oh? Gosh, you just missed Stephen."

Argh! So close :) It's good to know he's still working, though, and his website is really cute in places.
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