July 4th, 2005

[fades] browns and reds

Happy fourth--

*yawn* Long day!

Got up at 9:00, late for me, stayed in bed for a while, reading and watching Whines snore. Eventually I got up to make coffee (topped with a little bit of the Irish Cream frosting from yesterday's cake). Very tasty, but I couldn't find my spreadsheet book after that--at about 2:00, I finally found it shut in the silverware drawer. I hope whoever I'm with when I'm 65 or 70 is prepared to put up with some serious senile dementia, I'm getting an early start on it.

Plotted for my AD&D game for several hours, and washed a few loads of laundry. That was nice. I really need to start on my book study group, but I wanted to do this as well--I haven't run a game in a year or more at this point. Got some good "work" done.

Then, started cooking. Made sweet potato salad for the picnic. This didn't take much time, it was a simple recipe. Whines came over and we played "Bomberman" for a while, until mom called us over for the picnic and fireworks in downtown Austin.

This was kind of a big step for me, and a big awkward. I really hadn't had Whines around my family since we were actually dating, and I was nervous about it, because it was also really "coming out" more than almost anything I'd done yet--there were going to be strangers to me, my mother's friends, at my picnic. Of course, nobody cared, and the pineapple salsa I brought with me was a pretty good hit. I have to offload two gallons of the stuff at work tomorrow, though.

And now it's midnight, two minutes before the fifth, so I go to sleep and get ready for another fun-filled day of spreadsheets tomorrow. *yawn* Tired, tired, but it's been a nice, long weekend.