August 8th, 2005


Darn you, sorting hat!!!

Maybe it's because I pay my rent mostly on time, pretty steadily pull in 40 hours, HATE things done wrong, get involved, have control freak tendencies and cook a mean casserole, but Sorting Hat-type memes always rate me a "Hufflepuff." Thus, and because I'm working on some Harry Potter projects at the moment, and because I've got 80 free icon slots, the inauguration of my new icon.

There would have been a brief time period of a day or so where my default icon was set to a version of this that I accidentally made pink, owing to GIF optimization and Paint Shop Pro's Palette of Perversity.


Big pink badger makes as much sense as "badger" in general, I guess...but it is my opinion that nobody *deserves* to be a hufflepuff. When did you ever hear anyone say "Those sexy badgers?"