August 29th, 2005

Helltoids: The Tragically Strong Mint

Tomas, Angel of Catchy Tunes, protect me...

Okay, while pixellating for the last few hours on my new icon, I looped "Move Your Dead Bones" continuously. For two hours.

Poor, innocent, jingle-susceptible Butterfly can't stop singing it. I can't either, but I've got a terminal case of medley-brain at the best of times.

I know every furry on the planet has seen the Flash Animation video. But has anyone seen the original? It's arguably the most catchy Lovecraft-inspired song until Herbert West (Reanimator)'s musical number in "Shoggoth On The Roof." Anyway, here's the original music video--there's a couple of homage shots in the flash animation.
Move Your Dead Bones!
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    "Move Your Dead Bones"