September 29th, 2005

Nose to the Grindstone

Is that harassment?

One of my jobs at work is to request product numbers and components for our various and sundry packages. In order to organize,000+ codes we work with, the various components have a 3-digit code. It's ALWAYS 3 digits. If it's not 3 digits, we add an "X" at the end to MAKE it three digits. Sometimes it's arbitrary (a "big book" is code 120), sometimes it makes sense (Freight is FRT). All the technology components' codes begin with "S."

I've been trying to figure out how to code a bunch of administrative fees for a few days now. We finally agreed to call them E-Learning (tech, thus Software: E-Learning.)

So the note on my desk says:

Please set up all component products with SEX product type.
Thank you.

*raises eyebrow.*
tender and private

Last call for John's memorial--

Hey, all--I just blipped Space Services Inc the payments for John's launch (later in October). If you're interested in donating to it, now's a good time. I'd suggest $50, but if you can give a little more, that'd be nice. John's mom has already promised to pay any balance I can't make up (out of John's funds, which he's really not using). So I'm not hurting from this, but I would like everyone who wants to participate get a chance.