April 25th, 2006

Nose to the Grindstone


Got the award at work I've been coveting for a year now :) Every quarter they give two employees--at a company of 300 or so--a "thanks for all your hard work" award based on employee nominations, with a $500 prize to go with it. Yesterday I got to take home the star award and the oversized novelty check :) Yay!

Deep thoughts...

A sexual fixation on foamcore would make a pretty funny paraphilia. So would an erotic interest in those markers we all had in grade school, where the brown one smelled like cinnamon.
[fades] browns and reds

New Literary Trends:

Scatterpunk: As information technology exceeds our ability to process the world and the computer out-evolves the ape, a dystopian future will evolve that merges the gritty noire of the hard-boiled detective with the bouncy synthetic rhythm of J-Pop. Scatterpunk will include such avante-garde concepts as the fourth-person omniscient narrator and a plot structure that's hierarchical rather than chronological.

Post Modernism: Sophisticated metaphor will be abandoned in favor of a USA-Today-like writing style, where major character conflicts and internal states are broadcast in large, colorful displays. The style's cynical name was bestowed by angry, unemployed literary critics, indicating an approximate intellectual comparison point.

Inhumanism: A response to the increasing industrialization of our culture, Inhumanism seeks to portray the intrinsic ironies of the human condition by giving narrative voice to endtables, yarn, and 1.5 inch square blocks of tofu.
Nose to the Grindstone

Scheduled time for introspection--

Here at the office, most of the mid-level executives and general staff share their schedules via Outlook, which creates lovely automated calendar pages with abbrev. descriptions of your day's events and meetings. Because one of my bosses schedules every little one-on-one that I need to arrange, and he always titles them "Meet with Jacob Re: New York City Sale" or similer, my Outlook automatic calendar is peppered with entries like

2:30: Meet with Jacob