June 1st, 2006

[fades] browns and reds

Calendar of Despair...

I was baited by the picture of foxes on the front, way back in November.

A dozen companies sent us hundreds of desk calendars to advertise their 101 services, causes, functions, &ct.

Now, on the first day of each month, I can turn the page to learn about a different, beautiful animal facing habitat reduction and eventual extinction.

It gives me a sense of longing for the previous month, it does.
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    Song of the Texas Golden-Cheeked Warbler
Nose to the Grindstone

What kind of a name is that?

I'm doing data entry with a long list of 1) faxed and 2) 8-pt names. They're virtually illegible.

The name on this form is LaWrence Bergman, the illegibility of which cannot be easily expressed. Mrs., I learned after some substantial googling. How do you say that name? It's not "Laurence." Would you say it "Lah-Rence?" "Lah-Wrense?" "Oops, we Wanted a Boy?"